Covenant Membership

Covenant Membership is much different from ordinary church membership. Covenant Membership simply means that each member of Northshore Church is making a commitment to be actively involved in the church and keeping the mission and the vision of the church. This commitment is not only to the church, but to Jesus Christ as well.

To obtain membership, you must attend the Harbor 101 class of Northshore University. Several opportunities are offered throughout the year. Harbor 101 class is the only class which is required for membership. It is the “basic foundation” which explains the purpose, mission, and core values of Northshore Church. Covenant members are taught and encouraged to make a difference not only in our church but in our community and world as well.

We want to make sure that individuals have all the information about the church before they make a commitment to join. Every believer is a minister in their own way and each has a purpose that God uniquely designed for them. Our goal is to help you find that purpose and use it for the His honor and glory.

Harbor Classes

Charting Your Course
Northshore University offers unique opportunities for education about Northshore Church. The university consists of four Harbor classes; each class is offered several times throughout the year. The purpose of Northshore University is to equip you with the knowledge you need to understand the mission, vision, and passion of Northshore Church. For your convenience, child care is available, upon request, during each Harbor class.

Harbor 101: Covenant Membership
The journey begins with Harbor 101, the “basic foundation” which explains the purpose, mission, and core values of Northshore Church. Harbor 101 also gives you an opportunity to join Northshore as a Covenant Member. “Covenant Membership” simply means making a commitment to Christ and to the church family.

Harbor 201: Spiritual Maturity
The next step is Harbor 201 which focuses on the 4 habits every Christian needs to develop in order to grow spiritually mature: Bible study, prayer, giving, and fellowship. This class will equip you with the skills you need to begin these habits as well as explain the tools you need to continue these habits.

Harbor 301: My Place in Ministry

The Harbor path continues with Harbor 301 which will help you discover your spiritual gifts and learn how you can put those gifts to work here at Northshore. This class explains the difference between a gift and a talent as well as the purpose of spiritual gifts.

Harbor 401: Evangelism & Missions

The Harbor path concludes with Harbor 401 which teaches the importance of relational evangelism and sharing the Good News in a non-threatening and effective way. You will also learn how to give your testimony and put your faith in action by getting involved in service opportunities in our community.