Broken: Better or Bitter

Jay Victory

Message Summary

We all face tough times at some point in our lives.  Loss, bad decisions, hurt, pain, rebellion, addiction and a host of other things can leave us feeling broken.  What do we do when we get to that place of brokenness?  We either turn inward and hold on to our anger, which gives birth to bitterness, or we give our brokenness to God and ask Him to not only heal us but to mold those things into something that will bring Him glory.

Ice Breaker/Warm up question
Have you ever stepped on a lego? :)  All of those pieces under foot can be tough.  During Sunday’s message we learned about how God takes broken pieces and shapes them into something beautiful.  
What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen be turned from a bunch of pieces into something awesome or beautiful?  (house, antique car, puzzle, whatever)

1.  Being overwhelmed, having our feelings hurt or being broken can be tough.  What two options do we have when we reach that point where somethings in this life get to the breaking point?  (anger which, if held, turns into bitterness or giving it over to God and trusting Him)

2.  According to the following verses, what are the dangers of bitterness in our lives?
    Proverbs 14:10a  (bitterness is a joy killer/stealer)
    Amos 5:7  (we turn away from justice and those things that are right)
    Acts 8:23  (we are captive to our sin.  Can be in bondage to a situation)
    Romans 3:14  (bitterness in our hear comes out of our mouth and in our actions)
    Hebrews 12:15  (takes root, overflows and defiles not only us but those around us)

We all know those things are not good (anyone can see that) but why do we sometimes hold onto our anger or hurt instead of letting it go?

3.  It sounds odd or ironic to us that God can take our brokenness and make it into something beautiful.  Why?

4.  Why, as Christians,  does Psalms 34:18 bring us hope in the midst our brokenness?

5.  If you are willing, please share an experience in your own life (or another) where God took the broken pieces and shaped them into    
    something that not only brings Him glory but draws others to him as well.

Sermon Notes


Broken: Bitter or Better?


Some time in our lives all of us face hardships that can lead to brokenness


 It's not whether we will face times of brokenness, we will, it's what we do with them that matters




God's Word on Bitterness


•      Proverbs 14:10a (joy killer)


•      Amos 5:7 (nations)


•      Acts 8:23 (pride & captivity)


•      Romans 3:14 (out of the heart)


•      Hebrews 12:15 (takes root and grows)


Broken and bitter produces nothing but more brokenness and bitterness


So what's the alternative?

Can God use me if I'm broken, if I've messed up, if I'm damaged inside?




Can you truly come out of brokenness stronger than you went in?

Is this just something the preacher says but in reality it's unattainable?

If it is possible, how?

God's Word on Better from Broken


•      Psalms 34:18 (God of the broken)


•      Psalms 51:10-13,17 (David's situation & endgame)


Four Billion Legos


What about your broken pieces?

What have they been shaped into?

Something that gives glory to God - the ultimate Restorer and Healer?

Something that is a shrine to hurt and  pain?


What do I do with what I've heard today?

You give God the pieces, trust Him, and watch Him make something beautiful.

Isaiah 61:3