Topic: Principle of Simplicity
Text: Matthew 6:19-34

1.  Intro/ ice breaker

Name a few items you've seen advertised in commercials.  Give a few examples of what the makers have promised if you buy or use their product. (Ex: new car = ope roads, freedom, happiness and a nice looking woman.  All ya gotta do is sign on the dotted line).   Most if them imply 'buy this and you will be happier/more content.

2.  Point 1: Where is your treasure?

We are so blessed in America.  More than any society in the history of the world we have the opportunity to accumulate wealth.  Jesus talks about 'putting up treasures in heaven' instead of earthly treasures.  What is the difference between earthly and heavenly treasures and why we're told to prioritize one over the other?

3. Point 2: Why can't we have it both ways?

Jesus said God and mammon (money, wealth, possessions) cannot compete for the top priority spot in our lives. Why would this competition cause conflict in out hearts?

4.  Point 3: Cure for anxiety

Why would seeking God first (before accumulation of wealth or possessions) lower our anxiety level? How can the 'rat race' in life produce anxiety?