Sermon Summary

On Sunday we continued the “Follow” series of messages where we learn from God’s scripturally recorded interaction with individuals and see what we can learn from it. This week we learned about the Apostle Peter.

Read the following verses: Luke 5:1-11

(Leaders: Ask for a volunteer to read - preferably from NIV or similar version if there are guests or new believers).

Discussion Questions:

1. Peter the Apostle was a somewhat stubborn, impulsive, imperfect man. Why should this bring us hope as imperfect people trying to serve a perfect God?

2. Do you think it was an Jesus randomly chose Simon Peter’s boat to teach from and do the fish miracle in? If no, why not?

3. What was Peter’s response to the miracle in verse 8? In verse 10 & 11 Jesus tells Peter that He will make him a Fisher of Men. What do you think Jesus meant?

4. If you know Peter’s story in Acts (or you listened to the message), did Peter become a fisher of men? If so, what were the results? (Acts 2:37-43)

5. What can we as modern day followers of Jesus learn and apply from Peter’s example?