His Presence Given to Us

Jay Victory

Message Text: Luke 2:1-20 & Luke 1:26-38


Community Group Discussion Questions:

1. What's the best (or most memorable) gift you ever received at Christmas?  Why was it the best?

2. Simple Arrival: Luke 2:1-7.  God chose such a simple setting and context for the birth of Jesus.  What is your favorite part of this simple story?  How can it be simple and miraculous at the same time? (Micah 5:2/I Peter 1:18-21)

3. It's Great News! Luke 2:8-14.  Put yourself in the shepherd's shoes.  What would've been your reaction?  Why was this announcement arguably the most important in the history of the world?

4. Our response to this news is so important.  Luke 2: 15-20.  Why is our response (either affirmative or to not believe) so important?

5. How does believing the good news change our lives?  What changes?