To Worship or Not to Worship: That is the Question

Community Group Questions

Text: Isaiah 6:1-8


  1. After reading the text, put yourself in Isaiah’s sandals for a moment.  Give some descriptive words of what you think he felt during his encounter with the living Creator God of the universe.
    1. In a practical everyday “how I live my life sense”, how “big” is your God?  Is your god a pocket god? A convenient “only there if I’m in need god? A historical, good for the people in the Bible but not relevant to me god?  Or is he the living God?:)
    2. God is God and I am not was point two of the message.  Why is this revelation not only an important part of life and spiritual maturity, but a necessary step on the road to salvation as well?  Why could this revelation bring a sense of peace & hope?
    3. Atonement/Reconciliation.   Why does our relationship with God need to be reconciled?  What are the two parts to reconciliation? (We must say “I’m sorry – repent and confess that we wronged God and caused the rift in the relationship.  After that God fulfills His promise of forgiveness through Jesus and restores the relationship).
    4. After Isaiah’s call, God gave him a new purpose and new priorities.  Give some examples (compare and contrast) of priorities in a life without faith in God and compare them to your  purpose and priorities after meeting the living God.  What changes?
    5. In your life, have you walked through this experience (realized God is… God, that you are not the center of the known universe, that you need to make amends with God and embarked on a new life with different priorities and purpose)?  If you feel comfortable doing so, share with the group some of the differences this experience has made in your life.


Message Points

God is… God.  Isaiah 6:1-4

I Am Not.  Isaiah 6:5

Atonement/Reconciliation.  Isaiah 6:6,7

New Purpose & Priorities.  Isaiah 6:8


Challenge this week:  Keep in mind that God is God and you are not.  Make a conscious effort to not only embrace the peace and hope of this reality but the purpose and priorities as well.