Why We Exist

We don’t want to be one more thing for students to do or one more thing to add to the schedule. We exist to help students see how God is moving and to challenge them to join Him in His movement!


Thomas Jefferson said “every generation needs a new revolution.” We don’t by any means think we are smarter than him, but we suggest a small change to his quote. We believe that "every generation needs to be called to something bigger than themselves!" We want to be a part of positioning students so they can hear God’s calling to something much bigger than themselves.

Our Mission

BE: understanding our identity in Christ--who God created us to be.
LOVE: taking on the attitude of Christ in every aspect of our lives.
SERVE: pursuing the lifestyle of Jesus--not just serving but being servants.
REPEAT: this is about living a life into this mission of God, not a checklist or how-to guide.

What We Do

A Typical Night Involves...


  • Hanging out, playing games, watching funny videos, and eating pizza.

  • Corporate worship through music and the study of God's word.

  • Small Groups (Age/Gender appropriate): Small groups enable the students to wrestle with the application of the message they have just heard. We know we are failing the students if they are sitting and listening to some information without ever providing the opportunity for life application.

  • Free Time/Large group games. 

How To Connect

Like us on Facebook @ for updates and events.

Location & Times

Northshore Church Student Room

310 Kensington Blvd.

Slidell, LA 70458


Sunday nights at 6:00pm