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Our Ministry

As a student ministry, our team wants to help students (grades 7th-12th) grow spiritually in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe every human being is designed to enjoy a personal relationship with his, or her, creator, God. Though every person, like a sheep, has gone astray and decided to rebel rather than follow God, we are still able to enter a relationship with him through his Son, Jesus. Only a relationship with God through Jesus is able to sufficiently fulfill the desire of our souls. Because of these beliefs we have established the following purpose, mission, and vision.

Purpose: To provide opportunities for students to see and know the glory of God.

Mission: To seek the spiritual growth of students regardless of where they find themselves on their faith journey.

Vision: To produce students who continue to grow in their faith throughout college, or their next phase of life, because they passionately love Jesus.


What We Do

A Typical Sunday Night Involves...

  • Hanging out, playing games, watching funny videos, and eating pizza.

  • Corporate worship through music and the study of God's word.

  • Small Groups (Age/Gender appropriate): Small groups enable the students to wrestle with the application of the message they have just heard. We know we are failing the students if they are sitting and listening to some information without ever providing the opportunity for life application.

  • Free Time/Large group games. 

Other Events Include...

  • Summer Camp

  • Mission Trips

  • Movie Nights

  • Lock-ins

Location & Times

Have Questions

Contact our Student Pastor

Zach Miller


Northshore Church Student Room

310 Kensington Blvd.

Slidell, LA 70458


Sunday nights at 6:00pm