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Our Ministry

As a student ministry, our team wants to help students (grades 7th-12th) grow spiritually in a relationship with Jesus Christ. There are many exciting things that occur in these pivotal teen years. Teenage students typically experience large milestones like having their first locker, changing classes during the day, driving a car, going on a date, physical changes and so much more. In the midst of these milestones, many ups and downs can occur. We believe the necessary constant in this rapidly changing season is a relationship with Jesus. We believe a personal relationship with Jesus is the greatest need of every individual. Because of these beliefs, we have established the following purpose, mission, and vision:

Purpose: To provide opportunities for students to see and know the glory of God.

Mission: To make disciples of students and teach them to manifest God's kingdom.  Manifesting the kingdom of God means:  to know Jesus, to love Jesus, to live like Jesus, and to share Jesus. (2 Peter 2:9)

Vision: To produce students who continue to grow in their faith throughout college, or their next phase of life, because they passionately love Jesus.

What We Do

Sundays at the SHORE

  • Sunday night worship through music and the study of God's word.  6-8pm.

  • Doors open at 5:45pm (For the purpose of fellowship, community, and spiritual growth.)

  • Small group discussion.  After the sermon, we split up into small, age and gender specific, groups where students will be led to discuss and respond to the sermon.

  • Free Time/Large group games. 

  • All students 7th-12th grade are welcome.


  • Discipleship groups (Gender specific groups.  Closed group of no more than 3-5 students per group.  For the purpose of in depth discipleship and accountability.)

  • These groups happen throughout the week at different locations.

  • New D-Groups start every semester.

KEY Events...

  • For the purpose of significant spiritual growth.

    • Disciple Now​

    • Summer Camp

    • Mission Trip

    • Fall Retreat

    • Evangelism Workshop

    • Discipleship Workshop

Other Events...

  • For the purpose of fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, and outreach.

    • High School Hang Outs

    • Middle School Hang Outs

    • 5th Quarter

    • SHORE Days (Service/Outreach)

    • Holiday Parties

    • Leadership Dinners

    • Lock-In


Ministry 2 Parents

We'll give you the tools you'll need to carry out a Family Experience each year including:

  • A Planning Guide to walk you through the resources and the actual ceremony.

  • 2 Videos explaining the why and how of each Family Experience.

  • Kick Starters for Biblical family discussion time to lead up to the experience.

  • Each year we'll focus on the biggest milestone for the year and give you the tools to make this milestone one to remember.

Location & Times

Northshore Church Student Room

310 Kensington Blvd.

Slidell, LA 70458


Sunday nights at 6:00PM

Have Questions

Student Pastor

Dallas Guidry


Church Office


shore_students logo.jpg
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